Monday, November 21, 2011


Newsea's Kiss Jasmine edited and retextured

I thought this hair was really cute, but it looked way too big on all of my sims. So I edited the mesh to make it a bit smaller. I also lowered the polycount for LOD2 and LOD3, and added cheekbone assignments to the hair around the face, which should help prevent clipping issues. Texture is mostly Newsea's, I just tweaked it to get rid of the dark roots. I didn't make any changes to the accessory flowers except for resizing them to fit my smaller mesh. Oh, and I forgot to take pictures, but it has EA highlights.

I didn't make new packages for this hair, I just edited Newsea's. So you cannot have my version and Newsea's version in your game at the same time, the files will conflict with each other.

Available for teen, young adult, adult, and elder females

Mesh by Newsea
Textures by Newsea and me

Poly count
LOD0 - 9448
LOD1 - 5117
LOD2 - 2250
LOD3 - 305

Flower Accessory:
LOD1 - 2462
LOD2 - 1285
LOD3 - 799

Download Hair:

Download Accessory: 

Edit: All the links should be working now, leave a comment if any more of them get broken and I'll get them fixed as soon as I can.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Butterfly Sims 036 Fixed and Retextured

Weird thing about most Butterfly Sims hairs - the undersides have more polygons than the parts of the hair that are actually visible. I dunno if it’s a mistake, or some brilliant piece of meshing that’s gone way over my head or what, but I reduced the polys for the undersides. The LOD0 poly count has been lowered from 17000 to about 9000, which is still on the high side, but much better than it was before. I also retextured it, added all the missing LODs, fixed the hair ties (on the original version you can only recolor the beads, the ties themselves use the hair texture for some reason), and converted it for children and toddlers.

The hair looks fine in game, but there's a weird shine on it when you view it on the Create A Sim screen. I've been trying to fix it for a couple of days, but nothing I do changes it at all. I'm uploading these anyway, since I can't find any problems during normal game play, but I'll come back and edit them if I ever manage to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Fixed! The new version is exactly the same as the old one, except it looks a little better in Create-A-Sim.

Available for females of all ages.

Mesh by Butterfly Sims
Textures by Butterfly Sims and Pooklet

Poly count:
LOD0 - 8947
LOD1 - 4639
LOD2 - 1799
LOD3 - 191


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Butterfly Sims Male Hair NLC 012 Conversion

Available for teen, young adult, adult, and elder males.

Mesh by Butterfly Sims
Texture by Pooklet

LOD0 - 16266
LOD1 - 5936
LOD2 - 1934
LOD3 - 245