Thursday, July 12, 2012


Carina (that model people have been requesting)

Something other than a hair! I'm diversifying!

This is Carina. She's from an old legacy family, but I chose her brother as the heir, so I don't really remember much about her. Her great grandmother was Celeste GilsCarbo from Barnacle Bay, so everyone in the family got dressed in plaid and cowboy-ish things. But she's packaged with a base game t-shirt and jeans to save your eyes.

If you want her to look like she does in the picture, you'll need the following cc:

Non-Default Sunny Skin by Ephemera
Simplified Doll Eyes by Shyne
EA Female Eye UV Fix by S-Club (not required, but it makes female eyes look so much better)
Alpha Brows by Helaene
Lipstick N24 by Lemonleaf
Hair by Cazy and me
Sliders by Jonha, bella3lek4, and Heiret

I've never posted a sim before, so let me know if I messed something up or forgot anything.


Cazy's Carpe Diem Edited and Retextured

I feel kind of weird posting this hair, because I didn't really do anything to it. But I'm going to upload a sim that's wearing it, so I'm sharing it anyway. I retextured it, and deleted a few strands of hair that were sticking out and annoying me, and that's it. Cazy did an awesome job with everything else. This retexture won't overwrite any other versions.

Available for teen, young adult, adult, and elder females.

LOD0 - 10050
LOD1 - 4312
LOD2 - 1140
LOD3 - 366

Monday, July 2, 2012


Peggy's June 2012 Special Gift Fixed and Retextured

Peggy drives me crazy. Her meshes are so cute, but they always have so many problems. I did all my usual stuff to this mesh - reduced the poly count by about 1700, added the missing LODs, gave it new bone assignments, adjusted it to sit on the head a little better, and fixed all the transparency issues that I could. I made the back of the hair smaller, and got rid of the tacky little beads on the hair clips, too. I wasn't able to fix all the problems, but I think it's an improvement. This version will not conflict with the original, or with any other retextures.

Available for teen, young adult, adult, and elder females.

Poly count:
LOD0 - 9872
LOD1 - 5785
LOD2 - 2370
LOD3 - 277